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Installing SSL on the server

Deleting the certificate on the installation attempt server “On dry” If the attempt succeeded, installation. If the attempt is unsuccessful there are several reasons, They are all related to the domain settings. To install a certificate

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Store multiple sites under one CPANEL

We will explain here the method of storing several sites under the same account. The method is not recommended due to security issues. It is recommended to open a separate account for each site.

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Installing SSL in CPANEL

pay attention, Deleting Server Certificate Attempts to install certificate on dry. Final installation. In the case photographed, You will see that many attempts have been made on “dry”. In the end

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Obtaining Google Recipe Codes

Google's ricochet is designed to protect your site from bots and spam. In this tutorial we will show you how to get the riccup codes for free from Google. Send the codes to the administrator

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Moving WordPress site using the plugin

The transfer is made using the plugin. All-in-One WP Migration and with the help of its extension that we will provide for anyone to install on the destination site an old version of the plugin that can be obtained from us. For

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Transfer emails CPANEL

Transfer miles with”Shrinking the old server and new server deployment is recommended to open the mail box with the old password, This does not have to reconfigure Outlook Password Checking

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Adding the site to cloudflare

Step 1 after the site went up should refer it to store through servers Klaodfliir. The service will add a layer of protection. And accelerate your site. Step 2 After completing the referral,

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WordPress does not send email

There are various reasons for the inability of WordPress send an email or not the arrival of mail in your mailbox. We'll count several. First see if WordPress can not send mail.

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Errors 400 and 500 series

403 error message Error explanation for this is a great error (-: It testifies to our advanced security system. It is likely that you received the error when you tried to write

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Backup site via CPANEL

Backup can be initiated in CPANEL. Backup saved on a remote server that it is the best available backup. Backup can be restored by pressing a button. To create a backup proactive: Click on

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Site Backup

Attached”In a video explanation backup site. First install the plug attached”a: turn it on and set according to the video access after installation is to link inside the picture: It is important:Has set up an automatic backup

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Installing WordPress in CPANEL

The most important note. If the domain is not yet turning storage Do not attempt to view the site because there is a chance that your browser remember (cached memory) The white page

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DNS cache cleaning PC

Every time we approach any domain address our browser, for example , The DNS servers in our region are responsible for making converting the domain name server's IP address storage site must

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